Since 2001, Angel Heart Farm has provided equine assisted therapy to children with chronic and life threatening illnesses.

Our Mission Is simple


Established in 2001, Angel Heart Farm is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that uses equine assisted therapy for children facing chronic or life threatening illness and their families in conjunction with their medical treatments.  The only program of its kind in Middle Tennessee, Angel Heart Farm serves children who are facing a host of illnesses including all forms of cancer, brain tumors, heart, liver issues, blood disorders, cystic fibrosis and several other life threatening illnesses. Families from all over the Southeast including Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio have come to AHF for the unique therapy we provide


Angel Heart Farm is unique to the fact we work with the entire family, not just the child facing an illness.  On a case by case basis, AHF works directly with children's nurses, physicians, child life specialists and social workers to ensure each child receives an experience at the farm that is most beneficial to them and their entire family.   Our belief is if one person in the family is ill, the entire family unit changes.  Many times the siblings need the extra attention and support.    Our goal is to bring families together in a strong, healthy and safe environment filled with compassion and love in a time when they need it the most.  Studies have proven that pet therapy can improve one's mental and physical health, shorten recovery time, and decrease incidents of depression in adults as well as children.

Our goals are simple:  Help kids be kids away from all the medical necessities and bring joy into their lives through horses and nature; allow families to reconnect in a peaceful and caring environment at no cost.

To date, over 350 children and their families have experienced the peace and bond of equine assisted therapy through hands on experiences which include brushing, feeding and riding as well as competing in local and regional horse shows.