"I'll See You In Heaven" Children's Book


"I'll See You In Heaven" Children's Book


Angel Heart Farm is honored to be launching our first children's book in a series in conjunction with the Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project.

"l'll See You in Heaven"

is based on a true story of faith, hope and the power of love between a child named Amber that battled cancer and her favorite horse Rolo Basko at Angel Heart Farm.

The story follows Ambers journey and her love for a very special Arabian horse.  We hope this book brings healing to those that have suffered a loss of a child, a friend, or sibling. We at Angel Heart Farm

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We are honored to serve courageous children and their families battling chronic and life-threatening illnesses using our beautiful Arabian and Welsh Ponies as healers for the body mind and spirit.

All proceeds from book sales go directly to the children and horses at Angel Heart Farm.

Book Cost is $15.00 includes shipping in the US. Please allow ten days to receive the book.