Region 14 Arabian Horse Show June 27-July 1st, 2018

Location: Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky

Angel Heart Farm will not only be presenting the program in the center ring but a few of our kiddos will be showing in lead line and walk trot this year! We will have our information booth and will be signing our "I'll See You In Heaven" book at the Arabian Horse Galleries at the Kentucky Horse Park -time and date TBD.

Thank You!

Our hearts are filled with gratitude and love to everyone that helped Angel Heart Farm dreams come true.  Getting a phone call from the Welsh Society letting us know our little princess's pony Loafers Lodge Katarina won Welsh of the Year was simply amazing. Thank you to Miss Sabra Schiller for nominating her and to the members that voted for her.  We knew we wanted to come to the National show and present our program and thank everyone in person for the honor.

The overwhelming love, support and assistance given to us to make it possible for us to attend was a true gift.  

We were not only able to bring Katarina but we brought our Clovercroft Rocky Too(Rocky) thanks to the three beautiful sisters of Rollingwoods that brought them to Tulsa and watched over them like they were their own.  

Our children that participated at the show were welcomed with open arms, treated like royalty and had the time of their lives.  Our Super Sophie finished her last round of chemo a week before the show. She was so excited to wear her beautiful hunt attire compliments of Just for Ponies! Sophie's mommy Mary posted on her Facebook Page that Sophie's confidence and three days of non stop smiling made her feel Sophie's future looked bright.

We brought Rocky to grant a wish for a  little warrior from Tulsa. Everyone that met Gaige fell in love.  Gaige was introduced to Rocky and a bond was instant between these two. Gaige loved animals but had never even pet a pony before Rocky.  He came ready to ride wearing his neon green custom made boots by Olathe and within ten minutes in the saddle Gaige was riding independently and his smile was as big as Texas.  

Presenting our program with our two darling Welsh ponies with our courageous children to the Welsh community was a highlight of our year.  Receiving the Welsh of the Year award presented by President Dr. Ruth Wilburn was so special, but leave it to grey little mare to act like Mariah Carey on the most important moment of her career.  Thank goodness everyone has had a pony meltdown of their own.

Friday night the kids entered the ring in their costumes! Sophie was the most beautiful butterfly with Katarina and Gaige honored his Daddy dressing as a Marine and Rocky wore his camo polo wraps to complete the look! Their first blue ribbons were earned and the smiles were priceless,.  Saturday morning moms, dads, grandparents and friends showed up to cheer on Gaige and Sophie in the children's section of the show! These two kiddos were game ready, Gaige was the cowboy cool and Sophie was classic hunter! She was so cute with her super Sophie bows attached to her helmet.  The local television news station came and did a story on Gaige and his love for Welsh ponies. Gaige won his first blue ribbon in lead line and so did Sophie! Each new little equestrian won a few more ribbons and the look of their families and friends faces were pure joy!  

The children had so much fun meeting new friends, doing all the cool craft projects and just being kids. Our parents could not believe the transformations of their little ones.  Cancer has no chance with these little pony warriors!  Their determination, their confidence and their pure hearts was so inspirational to everyone that watched these sweet children achieve success.

There were so many moments that made this show so special.  

One of the toughest things was saying goodbye to Gaige and watching his sweet heart break saying goodbye to his new best friend Rocky. He just could not leave, every time he would walk away he would run back and hug Rocky. His mommy told me he cried for hours after leaving.  Gaige was given a big stuffed pony lookalike of Rocky, he carries it everywhere and is a big source of comfort to him. Gaige and Rocky FaceTime often and Gaige will be coming to Nashville to spend some time with us this Spring.  

The amount of support our ponies and children received for the Welsh Nationals was incredible.  There were so many companies that came together to makes sure our ponies and kiddos looked like rock stars and had the best of the best! Please see the complete  list of sponsors  and consider supporting these companies that helped make many dreams come true for the children.

A very special thank you to Connie Moore, Lisa Landis, Pat Cochran for making sure we had everything we needed, not letting us for  pay for our stalls, entry fees, or anything else. Dr. Ruth, Sally Ross and Joanna Wilburn thank you for watching over our ponies, cheerleading and coaching the kiddos and special thanks to Sally Ross for braiding Katarina in pink braids for Sophie ! The show committee, the children's party and craft teams, the exhibitors, the farms, the judges, photographers and everyone else that came together to put on such a great show we are at awe of you all.